The purpose of this project is to produce a set of tool capable of recording, editing and displaying data collected by various Swath Sonar Bathymetry instruments. The specific capabilities will be:


This project is going to be implemented using Kitware's VTK library.

All data processing will be implemented using the Vtk library.

The primary purpose of the Vtk library is to process graphics data for display. It is implemented using a "Dataflow" architecture and written in C++. Each dataflow in the Dataflow architecture consist of one or more inputs feeding a number of subsequent processing elements and passing the result to one or more outputs. The dataflow is built by forming a singly linked list of input, processing and output classes (or, more exactly, certain member functions of the classes). The library contains an impressive number of general purpose graphics processing classes. Most importantly, however, it is easily extensible so that "bathymetric" processing classes may easily be added.

VTK has been ported to many flavors of Unix and Windows NT / 2000 / XP. Therefore this software should be fairly easy to port to a number of various platforms.


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